Senior Befriending Service - Companionship and Support for Dorset's Senior Community


Hi. I’m Cally McCluskey, I am the founder of Senior Befriending.

I believe...

No elderly person should feel alone.

Should feel that they have no one to turn to when they need help.

I have elderly relatives and would never want them to feel like that.

Working closely with so many elderly people makes me feel very connected to them - and aware of the challenges they face.

I take away this worry for them…

My clients feel confident they are able to confide in me - asking me for support in anything at any time.

At my business Senior Befriending…

We provide companionship and tailored support for seniors in our local community.

Typically, I work with a limited number of clients at any one time.

The majority of clients come to Senior Befriending through recommendation.

This is really important to me. As it confirms my team and I are continually providing an excellent service to our clients.

On a personal level…

I am always respectful, kind and patient.

And I am easily able to put myself in my client’s shoes… thinking to myself, how would I cope or what would I do if I were them?

I support my client’s everyday of the week in lots of small but important ways.

But I know what my clients appreciate the most is my company.

I’m a very happy and positive person and I recruit my team for similar skills.

Clients tell me...

Clients tell me they find me to be trustworthy, caring, thoughtful and reliable.

I make them feel comfortable and put them at ease.

They know they can ask me to do anything and that I am utterly dependable.

I like my clients to feel that way about me, it says that I’m doing something really great, and that’s why I absolutely love being a senior befriender.