Our services have been carefully selected to achieve our aim of combating loneliness and isolation. All services can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


Home visits and catching up by phone...

We introduce you to a befriender who visits you at home to spend some quality time with you. They provide you with regular companionship and through conversation over time you will get to know each other well.

During visits if you would like to play a board game, tackle a jigsaw and reminisce through photographs, your befriender makes a great companion to share with.

Your time with your befriender will always be enjoyable and comforting.

Something as quick and easy as a phone call can sometimes be overlooked. From experience we know it’s a simple communication all our clients find very uplifting. It’s something they look forward to.

Your befriender calls in regularly to see you during the day at a time to suit you. A friendly familiar face coming in to say ‘hi’ and to check you have everything you need and there for a quick chat about your day.



Supporting you in your home...

It’s nice to have someone you know coming round to help out… Our befrienders are in and out of your daily lives, helping support your activities and routines, including,

Meals: Creating your shopping lists, taking you to the shops and helping to plan and prepare you meals.

Paperwork: Completing your online/paper applications, including Attendance Allowance, PIP Forms, Blue Badge and Medical Questionnaires etc. We also help you with bill paying, writing letters and cards to family and friends.

Technology: Assisting you sending emails, completing online applications, using comparison sites and help with setting up of Zoom / Skype so you can stay connected with family, friends and loved ones.

Domestic: Helping with a whole variety of tasks in your home, including, clearing out cupboards, arranging items for the charity shop, assisting with sourcing tradesmen and general organisation around your home making your life easier.

Checking:  Popping in to see you in the evening to draw the curtains, lock up and have a quick chat before bed.



Helping you to live a fully active and normal lifestyle…


Arranging: Helping you manage your diary and with booking appointments.

Driving: Picking you up, waiting and dropping you off for medical appointments, picking up prescriptions, post office and bank visits, food and clothes shopping trips and collecting laundry, etc.

Accompanying: Suggesting activities and clubs you may like to become involved in, including playing Bridge, Art and Poetry clubs or a trip to the theatre. Alternatively, if you just want to get out for some fresh air and visit the beach and have an ice cream, we are happy to go with you. We also take you to visit friends and family.


Supporting you in every way...


Respite cover: Looking after a loved one and from time-to-time you would like some support, as a sitting service whilst you run errands, go to the hairdressers, catch up with friends etc, we are very happy to help you.

Holiday support: Going on holiday and unable to pop in and visit your elderly loved ones during the time you are away, we can do this for you. We can keep them company and you updated with how they are doing whilst you are enjoying some time off.

Hospital support: Visiting hospital to see a partner or loved one, we can pick you up, accompany and then drop you home. We also provide interim support for you at home with any tasks until your loved ones return.

Home alone: Losing a loved one can leave you feeling alone and possibly unsure how to cope by yourself. You may be left with lots of decisions and arrangements to make. You don’t have to do this alone and can ask for support and advice from your befriender.

Eyes & ears: If you have a relative you are unable to see as often as you would like we can visit them throughout the week. This service includes updates to you on how they are, provided via a call, text, What’s App or email with photographs of what we have been up to that week.

Emergency visit: If you require a last minute visit we can come and see you, for example if you have dropped something and are unable to pick it up/ clear it up, had an annoying scam call and need someone to talk to, need something from the shops etc. (Please note we cannot help in a medical emergency).